The Client:  The Santa Clara Superior Court

The Challenge:  The Court, the fifth largest in California, operates in multiple locations, has absorbed employees from different organizational units and is migrating to a single automated case management system from several, unlinked systems.  The court needed uniform procedures to assist in the transition to a unified staff and a single software platform, improve efficiency, rapidly train staff, and allow quick updates to reflect changes in state law and rules of court.

Our Approach

Starting with procedures we have successfully developed for other clients, we convened employee workgroups, performed work-flow studies, and reengineered procedures.  We then created the design for web-based procedures and flowcharts and documented over 300 processes for 12 divisions and programs. 

The Results

A development process and interactive, web-based procedures and flowcharts that:

  • Empower managers and staff to continuously improve operations.
  • Promote effectiveness, consistency and accuracy in case processing.
  • Ensure that the automated system is used to its highest capacity.
  • Increase the accuracy of statistical information.
  • Provide a training tool and reference for new and existing staff.
  • Link to commonly used materials such as statutes, rules of court and forms and are easy to update.

Consultants:  Kate Harrison, Phyllis Smith, Dr. Ian Shepherd, Hampton Smith

For a copy of a Sample Procedure/Flowchart, please click here.

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