The Client:  The Pima County (Tucson, Arizona) Chief Administrative Officer under contract to the Harvey M. Rose Accountancy Corporation

The Challenge: The Pima County Justice Court was experiencing significant growth in workload and increasing staff turnover, forcing it to operate in a crisis environment.  The court wanted to improve the timely resolution of cases, operational efficiency and staff retention and determine whether additional staff was needed.

The Approach

Understanding when court events occur and how effective they are in resolving cases and knowing how staff are managing their daily workload are key to improving court effectiveness.  We conducted a case flow analysis; evaluated workflow by interviewing judges, managers and staff and pinpointing backlogs; assessed whether staff increases were needed; and identified best practices used by other courts to improve workflow.

The Results

  • Detailed plans to reengineer court operations and case processing along business lines to reduce backlogs, increase accountability and strengthen supervisory oversight.
  • Innovative techniques to speed resolution of cases by reducing the number and length of continuances, improve case scheduling, and benchmark estimated times for court events.
  • Procedures to improve coordination between court and law enforcement agencies to reduce warrant backlogs that create additional work and potentially significant legal liability. 
  • Increased revenues for the county by simplifying procedures for forfeiting bonds.

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