Client: The Pima County (Tucson, Arizona) Board of Supervisors under contract to the Harvey M. Rose Accountancy Corporation

The Challenge: The Chief Administrative Officer wanted to reengineer the operations of the county’s criminal justice agencies and courts. The agencies and courts had been operating without enough coordination resulting in delays in processing cases, duplicated effort, and ineffective provision of services.

Our Approach

We conducted a case flow analysis by determining the effectiveness and timing of Superior Court events (e.g. trial readiness conferences); evaluated the court’s management structure; recommended greater coordination between the Superior and Justice Courts; assessed the effectiveness of drug court and public access programs; and reengineered office processes.

The Results

  • A reduced number of court hearings.
  • Increasing compliance with state and local felony case disposition and time-to-trial standards.
  • Cost saving coordination between criminal justice agencies for policy making, budget and collections management, automation, human resources, and facilities management.
  • Alternatives for providing court services at nontraditional places and outside normal business hours (e.g., kiosks, a mobile self-help center).
  • Programs to clarify and simplify the use of the court system by the public.
  • A streamlined court management structure.

Consultants: Kate Harrison and Monica Ghosh Driggers

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